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Free Page Speed Monitoring

How does it work?
We have created this plan for people getting started with on-page performance, but are not ready to jump into a paid plan. It offers the same full audits as our paid plans, for free - fairly sweet huh?
How many pages can I monitor?
Our free plan is limited to 30 Audits/Month, with a 60 days history.
Linking back
You must show the User Probe logo on every page you monitor with the free plan. Alternatively (if it fits for your site) you may write a on topic blog post and mention us there. Please send us a message once you have done this.
Is there a grace period?
Yes. You have seven days to let us know. If you need longer (we understand resource allocation can take some time), then send us a message.
I want more pages monitored for free!
That would be nice 😂 - Feel free to make us a creative offer.

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