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Test your Website Speed

Enter a URL to run lighthouse web page analysis

Speed Fact: The BBC has seen a loss of 10% of their users for every extra second of page load.

Stop gambling your users will endure slow pages

User Probe is designed to continuously monitor site wide page performance. Making web page speed monitoring effortless for frontend teams and product owners.

Lighthouse as a service logo
Lighthouse as a service

We use Google's lighthouse to benchmark websites; An advance tool to analyse page weight, giving you deep insights into performance, accessibility, PWA and SEO

Lighthouse js alerts
Alerts you cannot miss

Need to know if a page is loading slowly, set up custom signals that can broadcast to all your favourite services.

Make your users love you
Delight Users

Users care about page speed, fast sites are loved and embraced while heavy sites are abandoned and replaced.

Rank well medal
Outrank Competitors

Google cares about page speed. By monitoring your whole site, you introduce a consistency to give yourself a competitive edge.

chrome logo
Run on Chrome

We use a uniform environment with chrome (no extensions are installed to skew results). All audits are run in a sandbox for accurate results

Regular speed analyse
Scheduled Analyse

Don't just audit in dev. With lighthouse you can test every page on your site regularly, and generate speed test regression reports.

Ready to put your site to the test?

Benchmark your site

You can't improve what you do not measure, with user probe you routinely audit every page on your site leaving no stone left unturned.

Action List

We aggregate all performance audits from across your pages into a sitewide action plan, allowing you to focus on the low hanging fruit first that has the most significant impact.

Spy on competitors sites

Add your competitors to get overall trends and deep insights; then rank your site, and keep ahead of the curve.

Continuous website performance regression

Use our npm module to trigger a site audit from your continuous integration pipeline. Alternatively, schedule audits using CRON expressions.

Performance Budgets

Set performance budgets on a page, site or domain level and any key metric. Then get alerts when you exceed the thresholds you define.

Real-time alerts

Get alerts in seconds not minutes when there is a problem. Choose from slack, email or our other integration. You can also set up custom IFTTT rules to bring your alerts into the real world.

Debug web pages

Build on top of the industry-leading WebPageTest, and Google Lighthouse - User Probe allows you to drill down into your web pages and debug the performance, SEO and site load time.

See the performance impact of third party code

Adverts, Analytics and other scripts all have the potential to slow down your site, User Probe enables you to make smart data-driven decisions

Real-time performance Analyse and data aggregation

We store your results in a time series data warehouse, allowing you to filter slice and chop your data. You can perform aggregation across all of your sites audits to get averages, min, max values and trends.

Bulk Detailed audits

Detailed batch audits, speed test to track dozens of performance metrics and gain deep insights on how your pages render.